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Reddit post: Advantages of an inflatable board

Reddit post: Advantages of an inflatable board

What advantages have inflatable SUPs in comparison with a rigid board? That was the question on a recent Reddit post  that called my attention to the inherent interest in the topic. As I struggle to keep up with work, personal life and paddleboarding, I have this urge […]

New Kawasaki Jet Ski Inflatable Paddleboard by Tower Paddle Boards

New Kawasaki Jet Ski Inflatable Paddleboard by Tower Paddle Boards

Tower Paddleboards just introduced the Kawasaki Jet Ski® Watercraft Edition, an inflatable 9’10” paddle board designed with a heavy duty tow hook under the nose. Perfect to tie up and tow behind your boat or Jet Ski for ultimate fun in the water. Kawasaki and […]

Stranded at Fyre Festival

Stranded at Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival was all the rage on social media this Friday, April 28th. Look up #fyrefestival on Twitter or the festivals subreddit.

Stranded on Fyre Festival, scene from Castaway.

So from scanning multiple online news sources, as well as twitter, I can safely say this list is the only cross examined and confirmed accounts as to what exactly is happening.
-The “private flights” are chartered 737’s with economy class seating and a soda+chips for each person
-the luxury boutique accommodations are literal disaster relief tents with beds in them (even advertised as disaster relief tents on the manufacturer’s website. Some sources claim it’s the same ones used in the Haiti earthquake disaster.)
-The gourmet chef food handed out so far is two slices of bread, cheese slices and a handful of greens in a styrofoam container
-the “private island” is actually Great Exuma, which has a population of several thousand, with the festival taking place on a beach a stone’s throw from a major resort
-there was luggage stolen from the camp sites by locals
-the music hasn’t even started yet and yet half of the artists have cancelled because they weren’t payed, now it looks like the entire festival is being called off with all further flights cancelled on the tarmac
-the US embassy in the Bahamas is currently offering instance to stranded festivalgoers
-they can’t get enough planes in fast enough because all the incoming Miami flights were canceled
-there are no refunds at this time. The website has made a statement saying all sales are final.

9 good reasons why you should practice Stand Up Paddleboarding this summer

Looking for an easy and fun activity on which you can be successful on the first try? Looking to get out of the house for a physical activity that is easy and affordable? Looking for an activity that won’t get you bored after the first […]

NSW cops in Australia on Inflatable Paddle Boards

NSW cops in Australia on Inflatable Paddle Boards

The Inertia has published a picture that shows Australias NSW police force on Inflatable Paddle Boards. The picture had been posted on their Facebook page. The photo appeared on the New South Wales Police Force Facebook page a few days ago with “Heading to work […]

Tower Paddleboards has a great promo going: returned paddleboards for half the price

Tower Paddleboards has a great promo going: returned paddleboards for half the price

Tower Paddleboards has a great promo going for used paddle boards. These are returned paddle boards that had some cosmetic issues and after returned were air tested, so they are guaranteed your fun for a much cheaper price!

The promo is for grab bag boards, meaning, whatever they pick from that same model will be shipped to you. They have inflatable paddle boards for as low as U$ 499.

Click here to go to Tower Paddle Boards.

Couple on the beach holding their boards.

Products from

Tower Paddleboars also has a great deal on their inflatable lounger that you easily take it anywhere. It’s small enough to fit with your gear on a hike and light enough to carry just about anywhere you go. This single layer version made out of a more durable and are more costly material weighs in at only 1.5 lbs and is ideal for backpackers.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding: How To Get Started

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) provides a nice and relaxing way to have fun on the water. With little equipment you can paddle on the ocean, lakes and rivers. Have fun with a group of friends, explore beautiful areas and see undiscovered points of views. SUP […]

Valentine’s Day Paddle Board Promos and Tours

Many SUP stores have good promos going for Valentines Day. There are deals to purchase two stand up paddle boars, there are paddle tours for 2 for 1 prices. There are special paddle cruises for couples, etc… Paddle boarding activities are the perfect activity for […]

Try SUP with an affordable and easy to carry Inflatable Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boarding was listed as the most popular outdoor activity among first-time participants on a recent research. The report stated that the median age for stand up paddle boarding was 28 years old. The Outdoor Foundation’s 2015 Special Report into Paddlesports found that 2.8 Million (or 0.9%) of Americans participated in standup paddleboarding in 2014.

Stand-up paddling (or SUP) has been practiced in one form or another in Africa where natives used to stand on their canoes and since the beginning of surfing in Hawaii, they have also practiced paddling while standing on the board. It’s a fairly easy sport to start as standing up on the board doesn’t take any effort. Stand Up Paddleboards are very stable and float well. You only need a board and PADDLE, and for safety a leash to keep the board close to you in case you fall off.

A starter should take time and try several types of boards with varying lengths and widths and as your stability and confidence increase, so will your ability to feel comfortable on a greater range of models. THE ONLY THING IS, a SUP board can be a fairly expensive acquisition and not only that, traditional stand up paddle boards are huge and clunky and for the occasional or every day user, it can be an efforting bringing it to the beach or or the place where you will paddle.

Guy paddleboarding in a river..
Guy paddleboarding in a river..

The solution for that is an Inflatable Paddle Board!

Advantages of Inflatable Paddle Boards:

  • ISUPs or Inflatable Paddle Boards are lighter and easier to carry to your car and to beach.
  •  Regular Paddle Boards are hard to lift and attach to the top of your car, while Inflatable Paddle Boards can be deflated and easily carried inside whatever car you have.
  • Inflatable Paddle Boards are usually cheaper than regular paddle boards.
  • Just like regular paddle boards, there are inflatable versions for every style of stand up paddling: surfing, yoga, racing, and all around boards.
  • Paddle boards come in a variety of lengths, widths, thicknesses, and constructions, and all SUPs are designed for either flat water or surf, or sometimes a little of both.