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Schools and Clubs

Mauka Lodge
Rua Alto da Cabrita, Nº3
Bairro Alto, Santo Isidoro
Mafra, 2640-054, Portugal
A SUP Surfing & Yoga Retreat in Portugal, ready to provide you with amazing waves, a relaxed atmosphere, and an experience you won’t forget!

Mauka Lodge is located in the famous surfing city of Ericeira, Europe’s first World Surfing Reserve!
Ericeira’s coastline stretches for 4km and has 7 separate surf spots. Well known breaks such as Ribeira d’Ilhas, Coxos and Foz do Lizandro are only 5-7 minutes away by car.
The Lodge
Comfortable hammocks and puffs let you read a book, play some music, or just relax with that cold beer or glass of Portuguese wine.
As we love sharing our traditions, we have made available a selection of Portuguese wines from different regions of our country.
Our outdoor area has a BBQ zone, tranquil terrace, seating areas and a fire pit for evening music nights & gatherings.
We also have facilities to wash your equipment & wetsuits, as well as grab a refreshing outside shower.
+(351) 911 155 270
Paddleboard Fitness 101
Fort Lauderdale, FL
It’s now been 8 years since I was introduced to a paddle board, I have been teaching since 2013 and I have taught 100’s of people from beginners to elite racers.

I have worked with the best companies and now creating this one my own terms. Classes start at 40 U$D for a 60 minute private lesson in Paddleboarding Fitness. This one hour lesson will teach proper paddle form and technique.

The workouts are specifically modified to each individuals needs. Proper form is most important, as paddling alone without extra workouts is an amazing workout on it’s own. But of course because I am the personal trainer that I am, I love to throw in simple but challenging exercises during the training sessions. Also, I spend time practicing turns and playing around having fun.

Paddle boarding is a great way for everyone to get out on the water and gain physical benefits. Exercise and balance is possible while having fun on the water. It doesn’t matter if you hit the water for leisure basic paddle or your hitting the water with proper form and technique, there is always physical and mental health benefits.

South Florida is amazing for camping, one of our favorite loves, our family vacation time. While camping down in the Keys with a group of friends, one of our friends had brought this huge, yellow, heavy paddle board and I couldn’t wait to play. This board was now my new focus with my workouts. It was simple to figure out that if I plank on it the body will be more engaged than on land. I loved this idea, intensify the workouts, while playing on the water, what could be better? Nothing!