Reddit post: Advantages of an inflatable board

What advantages have inflatable SUPs in comparison with a rigid board? That was the question on a recent Reddit post  that called my attention to the inherent interest in the topic. As I struggle to keep up with work, personal life and paddleboarding, I have this urge to come back with this blog and be a helpful source to others as others have not managed to do it yet. All other blogs or posts on the topic of inflatables seem made by robots, foreigners with a not so good command of the english language, or non identified reviewers with the sole intent of creating posts to promote their affiliate offers. The Reddit post seems to me someone is trying to explain something but doesn’t manage to do it. Nevertheless the advantages are clear and confirmed by the commenters on the post.

The original poster mentions that they are lightweight, and also can be very simple to transport and transfer, because in the “deflated state the take very few place.” And what else? Are there still some characteristic features of inflatable boards?

A few of the comments were:

“I’ve found that when I’m on an inflatable I don’t always have to be as careful with my paddle or about hitting into other people’s boards if I’m out with friends so they’re good if you want to play some games on them with mates.”

“Yes. In comparison with rigid board, this board is very lightweight, will also not do almost any harm to either itself, or other same board.”

“Yes, inflatables are good for that. No need to be so careful. Boards are huge and getting a ding on a rigid carbon one has got to hurt! But I would say the price is def the main factor. I’ve been an inflatable enthusiast and there are inflatable of all kinds, even for racing. Obviously an inflatable will never match the performance of a rigid racing paddleboard. But while I can’t afford a rigid race board, I keep having fun with my inflatable.

“Perhaps, the price is most often crucial. But if to choose attentively, then it is possible to find fine options, for quite reasonable price.”

“I have gone out twice. One time I did not get up. I was on a hardboard that had decent volume but it was not stable and I went into the water and stayed on my knees. I went out on a Isle that had 7psi (rookies), so basically 50% inflated and I got right up and paddled around. The is up is more stable even not all the way inflated.”