Stand up and paddle!

9 good reasons why you should practice Stand Up Paddleboarding this summer

Looking for an easy and fun activity on which you can be successful on the first try? Looking to get out of the house for a physical activity that is easy and affordable? Looking for an activity that won’t get you bored after the first try?

Then look no further than paddleboarding. You can paddle at any body of water close to you. You might have already see people paddling at the closest lake, river or ocean, so don’t waste time, join them with an easy to carry and store inflatable paddleboard.


  1. It’s so easy to get started and be able to stand up
    On the first day of practice, the person is already rowing, standing, and enjoying. This modality of board sport allows anyone to “master” it use it on the first day, and from that point on, only evolves.
  2. Age range for practice
    Paddling can be practiced by women, men, children, from the age group of 4 to 64 years or more, and without any physical preparation. Our intention in this site is to make available to non-sports people, non-athletes, everyday people the initiation in a simply fascinating mode.
  3. An exciting and fascinating sport
    For those who hate a gym floor, SUP is love at first sight, you can paddle with friends, relatives, even alone, all while performing an aerobic and complete sport.
  4. Discovering new places
    People have no idea how fascinating places are right around us. Not everyone tends to explore, but with a SUP practice, for every place you look, you will wonder why it took you so long to practice the sport. Standuppaddle usually gives you a different view that what you are used to. You can see your local beach from the water at the swimmers level. You can see your local river and lake from a point view that you are not used to and take in all that beautiful scenario.
  5. Very high caloric burn
    Because it works on a moving surface (water), paddling demands of the practitioner, a work of constant balance. Even the beginning person or the most experienced person has to keep the legs and abdomen contracted for the maintenance of balance. I clarify, that it is not difficult to stand, but there is a work of the whole body, feet, legs, abdomen, arms. It helps you get rid of those unwanted calories in a very easy way.
  6. SUP helps with a faster recovery from injuries
    SUP is recommended for strengthening ankles, knees, as there is no impact, however, the ankle musculature, and knees are required permanently, since it happens on a moving surface.
  7. Contact with nature
    Stand up paddle allows for direct contact with nature. In lakes, dams and rivers it is a contemplative sport, and demands ecological awareness. Practicing SUP in rivers is exciting, but would be much cooler if there were cleaner rivers for rowing. Hence the awakening to the preservation of the nature.
  8. Very low fixed cost
    After the acquisition of a SUP board, there is no fixed maintenance. One constant complaint from rich people that have boats or horses, is the expensive maintenance of their sporting practice. Not that it’s not worth the money, but the SUP is a sport of low fixed cost, and such fact should count as a positive point for the practice of the sport.
  9. Can be practiced on several levels
    SUPing is similar to surfing, but the beginning is immediate. People are successful in practicing on the first day. You do not have to be an athlete, or a professional. A lot of people dream about surfing however, 90% of people give up at the beginning. It is a difficult sport to be practiced at first because it takes a long time to catch the first wave. Similarly, surfing is not like riding a bike, because a month without physical activity, you (weekend surfer), might not catch waves.

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