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ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Stand up Paddle Board review

The Isle cruiser is the most durable of all the standup paddleboards. Their previous design has been turned into a soft top with plenty of it on water. And guess what? It’s at an affordable price. Its unparalleled durability is down to the double string foam core which has a fibreglass wrap and EVA deck pad. Its shape and design give the board the strength and rigidity required for paddleboarding. The crocodile textured skin brings comfort and allows better grip and traction for long paddles. It has a sizeable front bungee section for easy securing and retrieval of gear. Also, the board has the lift Sup handle, which provides you with a firm grip which you can use to transport it safely.


Weight 23.5LBS
length 10’5’’
Centre width 32’’
volume 175 LITERS
Maximum capacity 235LBS
Board thickness 4.5’’
Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard
Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard

What we like about ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Stand up Paddle Board

This fantastic all-around board has a lot to offer to anyone using it. It has plenty of reasons why you should choose it.

Ease of use

The board’s design makes it easy to use. For example, its width makes it perfect for beginners.

The size

The length and width are perfect. You can do a lot with the board. For example, its length allows you to paddle even at your local lake, and when tired, you can lie on top of it without your feet touching the ground. Also, you can do yoga, fishing- all because it has a perfect size.

The surface stability

We all know that things can get wet and slippery. The truth is there are some paddle boards don’t have a textured grip, and hence they get very tricky. However, this one has a crocodile skin texture which provides you with a firm grip to prevent you from slipping off the board.

Accessibility of the cargo

The front bungee section is large enough to store and retrieve your gear easily. Therefore, you don’t have to make twists and turns to get some stuff anytime you want to. It’s especially crucial if you have some passengers on board and you want to keep them balanced.

What we don’t like

We already have seen what makes this paddleboard a perfect choice. However, there are some drawbacks which might make you reconsider choosing it.

Not suitable for larger paddlers

The board’s weight capacity is excellent for an average person. But for very tall and heavy people it might get complicated to use this board.

The weight

The board’s 30 pounds weight might feel very heavy for some people. If you have secured some cargo to your board, it means you will have to it too, which makes it extremely heavy. Even with its strategically placed handle, it is still can cause hand fatigue to some.

Best suited for

  • Beginners
  • Average riders
  • All-purpose

Not suited for

  • Someone who wants speed: This board is a bit slower compared to other boards of the same size and weight
  • Lots of waves: It might not stand up to more than calmer waters


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