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The new ISLE Lotus Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board is a beauty!

This Isle Inflatable SUP featured on the new Isle Surf & SUP newsletter spotlights their new fitness and yoga friendly board and they do it in a very presentable way. The newsletter is beautifully designed for a beautifully designed ISLE SUP. The new Lotus is an advancement to it’s predecessor the well reviewed ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10’4 Yoga SUP, an ISUP that was a hit in the SUP fitness and yoga communities due to it’s lightweight, easy to carry and inflate, beautifully designed body.

The new Lotus is an Isle Inflatable SUP that is poised to be a hit as well as it immediately catches ones attention with a flowery design in green, blue and grey. Other than that, it’s still a stable board, that is super easy to carry even when fully inflated. The board pumps up in about 10 minutes to a sturdy SUP great for all your yoga moves. The Lotus pad is about as close to a yoga mat as you can get on a board and the deck pad sticks both when wet and dry. It sticks to your feet to help hold you in position and it has the right shape (quite narrow), size (10,0), and feel of a perfect yoga board (slightly smaller than the previous ISLE Yoga at 10’4).

Check this paddler, about to hit the water on the old ISLE YOga.

Finally warm enough to break out the Sup!!!! #lake #lakelife #sup #islepaddleboards #bringonspring

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The backpack is great and has a full front zip rather than a top-load drawstring, this makes loading and unloading the board, pump, and fin very easy. And according to the ISLE website, the ISLE 10’ Lotus Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board offers a healthy number of features designed for stability, portability and fitness on the water. The shape of the board gives it the glide for leisurely cruising flatwater while the expansive deck pad gives ample room for yoga, Pilates, or any fitness related exercise. The new brushed comfort deck pad serves as the perfect exercise mat while the single front bungee keeps your water bottle and gear out of your way during practice but easy-access at your fingertips.

Wow, check @melelina10k3 pose on the ISLE Yoga sup.

The ISLE Lotus Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board was designed for those who want to take their yoga practice on land to the water. The boards expansive deck pad gives you ample room for yoga, Pilates and any other fitness related activity. The Lotus’s wider template makes this board super stable and the comfort brush deck pad serves as an extra comfy exercise mat for those intense yoga positions.

10’ – ISLE Lotus Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board
10’ x 32” x 6” | 20 LBS | Rider limit – 240 LBS

The ISLE Lotus Inflatable is still not available on Amazon but you can buy it directly with ISLE on their website.

This video shows details of the ISLE Lotus and some more pictures below. The promotional pictures are equally amazing! Good job ISLE!

Promotional pictures of the ISLE Lotus yoga board in action.
Promotional pictures of the ISLE Lotus yoga board in action.


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