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The cheapest iSUP around! Goplus Inflatable 10′ Cruiser SUP StandUp Paddle Board on Amazon

The cheapest iSUP around! Goplus Inflatable 10′ Cruiser SUP StandUp Paddle Board on Amazon

This Goplus SUP board is one of the most stable inflatable standup paddle board for people of all skill levels. Measures 10’x30″x6″ when inflated & is just as firm & stable as other SUPs, can be rolled up into compact package for easy transport and […]

Stranded at Fyre Festival

Stranded at Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival was all the rage on social media this Friday, April 28th. Look up #fyrefestival on Twitter or the festivals subreddit. So from scanning multiple online news sources, as well as twitter, I can safely say this list is the only cross examined and […]

On Netflix: ‘Radical’, the controversial saga of a Brazilian anti-hero surfer

On Netflix: ‘Radical’, the controversial saga of a Brazilian anti-hero surfer

Plotted chronologically with reports, images and videos, “Radical” tells the story of famous and controversial Brazilian surfer Dadá Figueiredo, who rose fast in his career and was an icon of the sport in the 1980s.

Vans, known worldwide for being involved in youth culture and action sports, supported the documentary “Radical – The Controversial Saga of Dadá Figueiredo” by director Raphael Erichsen, who won the best foreign film category at the Long Beach International Festival.

Filmmaker Raphael Erichsen has worked with great international documentary filmmakers and goes back in “Radical” through the story of Dadá Figueiredo, a suburb kid from Rio who in the late 1970s, came from the far away poorer neighborhood of Tijuca to the waves of Barra.

The movie is available now on Netflix.

Dadá Figueiredo holds a Bad Religion album in the 90s.


The rapid rise within the competitive surfing universe in the early 1980s made Dadá become a Brazilian icon in the sport in this decade. Controversial, he became the highest-paid surfer in Brazil, even before he even won a championship.

The movie rescues chronologically, through testimonies of key characters of the time as Ricardo Bocão, Freddy D’orey and Peterson Rosa, images and videos of the surfer’s personal archive, the story of the Brazilian surf’s anti-hero.

Too punk-rock for surfers and too surfer for the punk-rockers.

A pioneer of progressive surfing in Brazil, Dadá Figueiredo was different from the other competitors because of his rebellious temperament and his anti-fashion attitude. It was marked in the sport by his avant-garde performances, bringing maneuvers of the skateboard to the waves, and besides surfer and skater, also had a punk band called the Norms. Dadá was stabbed once by the punks or skinheads of the time, because they saw him as just another “playboy” listening to the punk rockers working class music. Nowadays, Dadá is a religious surfer and has a surf school in Rio de Janeiro.

Vans supports several actions aimed at sports and urban culture, since these are always present trends in the lifestyle of the brand. “For years Dadá has been sponsored by Vans because his profile fully reflects the brand’s Off-Wall philosophy. This was a way we found to support a work that tells the story of one of the greatest icons of Brazilian surf.” said Paulo Costa Jr., Vans Marketing Manager at the time of the launch of the movie in 2014.

Dadá Figueiredo on his early days.

9 good reasons why you should practice Stand Up Paddleboarding this summer

Looking for an easy and fun activity on which you can be successful on the first try? Looking to get out of the house for a physical activity that is easy and affordable? Looking for an activity that won’t get you bored after the first […]

Inflatable x Hard Paddle Boards: what to consider when buying a Stand Up Paddle Board.

With the stand-up paddle fever around the world, the whole family is practicing the sport, iSUPs or inflatable SUPs have been gaining a lot of strength for obvious reasons. But if you have doubts when choosing between a normal “rigid” and an inflatable stand up […]

NSW cops in Australia on Inflatable Paddle Boards

NSW cops in Australia on Inflatable Paddle Boards

Australia Cop on InFlatable Paddle Board

The Inertia has published a picture that shows Australias NSW police force on Inflatable Paddle Boards. The picture had been posted on their Facebook page. The photo appeared on the New South Wales Police Force Facebook page a few days ago with “Heading to work in Sydney today ?” as a caption. And yes, that’s a cop on an inflatable SUP. Do cops there actually paddle around giving out tickets?

Tower Paddleboards has a great promo going: returned paddleboards for half the price

Tower Paddleboards has a great promo going: returned paddleboards for half the price

Tower Paddleboards has a great promo going for used paddle boards. These are returned paddle boards that had some cosmetic issues and after returned were air tested, so they are guaranteed your fun for a much cheaper price! The promo is for grab bag boards, […]

Stand Up Paddle Boarding: How To Get Started

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) provides a nice and relaxing way to have fun on the water. With little equipment you can paddle on the ocean, lakes and rivers. Have fun with a group of friends, explore beautiful areas and see undiscovered points of views. SUP […]

Valentine’s Day Paddle Board Promos and Tours

Many SUP stores have good promos going for Valentines Day. There are deals to purchase two stand up paddle boars, there are paddle tours for 2 for 1 prices. There are special paddle cruises for couples, etc…

Paddle boarding activities are the perfect activity for a couple, after who doesn’t like a good calm workout. You can also go paddle boarding by yourself with your better half. Choose a calm and private spot and take advantage of the stability of the board!

Paddleboard meme: Board meeting.

Paddleboard meme: Please, be dolphins.

Paddleboard meme: Keep Calm and Paddle On.

Paddle booard meme: You must have great abs.

Try SUP with an affordable and easy to carry Inflatable Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boarding was listed as the most popular outdoor activity among first-time participants on a recent research. The report stated that the median age for stand up paddle boarding was 28 years old. The Outdoor Foundation’s 2015 Special Report into Paddlesports found that […]