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Best paddle boards for beginners

Best paddle boards for beginners

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner to get a good start at paddleboarding. It’s an exciting and easy sport, and after seeing people doing it or trying, now you want to have your own paddleboard. This article might be able to help you […]

ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Stand up Paddle Board review

ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Stand up Paddle Board review

The Isle cruiser is the most durable of all the standup paddleboards. Their previous design has been turned into a soft top with plenty of it on water. And guess what? It’s at an affordable price. Its unparalleled durability is down to the double string […]

Blackfin Model X Inflatable SUP review

Blackfin Model X Inflatable SUP review

Last year, the introduction of Blackfins mesmerized all of us.  I guess you were excited. The Blackfins looked suave, and they had features such as carbon rails which we had not seen before. How about the 2019’s? Have they improved the models in any different way?

Blackfin paddle boards are part of the iRocker group, and are essentially a more rugged line of boards. As iRocker itself defined:

“All the rigid features that were added to the new BLACKFIN model give SUP-ers the ability to test their potential out on rough waters. Some of these features include the carbon rail, quad-layer PVC construction and even more military grade materials. The new materials on the BLACKFIN Model X increased the maximum weight capacity to 450 pounds, while the BLACKFIN Model XL holds up to 485 pounds.”

Fortunately, they are still so lovely and have a few changes bettering their performance. This year’s blackfins are made of improved materials which makes them feel lighter, and the fins have been changed up, the design has been tweaked. Let’s keep reading to get the full details of users’ reviews


LENGTH 10’6’’
WIDTH 35’’



  • The Black Model X has extreme durability
  • Maximum rigidity due to the addition of Carbon Rail
  • Comes with a full quality package
  • Has two storage units
  • The paddleboard floats
  • Has one of the best traction pad


  • It’s quite expensive


The fun part is the versatility of Blackfin Model X, which makes it suitable for any water activities.

It has a width of 35” which makes it a very stable board and you can stand on top without experiencing any trouble. Most importantly too, is that it has a maximum capacity of 450lbs, which makes it possible to ride with another rider onboard without hindering its performance.

Blackfin Model X has a relatively high speed; this board can be used in flat water, beach water, and with enough experience, you tackle the white waters.

Also, the model has a slim and smooth body design, which makes it suitable to perform fast and quick maneuvers.


The truth is the Blackfin Model X is not like other affordable regular, affordable boards. This one is on another level and comes with 100% functional packages. Most of their premier quality is expensive, but you have to admit that this board comes with a quality package. The following is the package:

  • A quality rolling travel backpack with cushioned shoulder traps where you can store the board and other gear
  • Carbon shaft paddle that floats and is easy to adjust
  • A coil ankle leash
  • A triple-action dual chamber hand pump
  • A repair kit


The Blackfin Model is versatile and can handle numerous activities. Also, it has quality features that make the board rough and durable. The following are some of the highlights:

  • The Blackfin Model X has two storage areas; one is on the front and has 6 D-rings and a durable bungee cord attaching them. Also, it has small 4 D-rings on its sides and additional safety handles which are critical in case a child accompanies you.
  • A traction pad that is thick, dense and has rubber hands for extra comfort and firm grip.
  • Two grab handles essential for dragging the board out of the water, and a central canary handle to transport the inflated board easily
  • A rear D ring for both leash attachment and a nose D-ring for towing
  • A leakproof valve to ensure a speedy process of inflating the board
  • The Blackfin Model has standard trio-fin navigation system which you can change depending on the depth of your water.
Atoll 11 Foot Stand up Paddle Board review

Atoll 11 Foot Stand up Paddle Board review

The Atoll 11′ inflatable paddle board has lots of things that make it a popular choice; it’s the reason why we find it an enjoyment to review it. Because of its stability, we found it very easy to paddle. It has an envying shape and […]

iRocker All-Around Inflatable SUP review

iRocker All-Around Inflatable SUP review

iROCKER SUP is a young company, but they have made themselves popular because of its affordable prices and the shape and design of their SUPs. In this review, we are going to look at the model’s improved features and construction, which makes it easy to […]

Electric pump for paddleboards and kayaks

Electric pump for paddleboards and kayaks

The whole reason for an inflatable board is convenience. Granted I have never inflated by board with the hand pump, but I an electric pump is faster! Electric pumps inflate quickly, and automatically shut off when it is filled to the PSI you have set (I usually have my board at 11). This pump also has a deflate option, but I honestly never use it. The board very easily deflates when you roll it up for storage. Worth the investment if you have an inflatable board period, you will not regret this purchase!

I started with a Tower pump when I first purchased my boards over a year ago and a half ago. It was quite the trustey pump for over a year before the use of pumping all 4 boards on a regular basis took it’s toll on it. I decided to try some different pumps (four others to be exact) and returned to purchase another Tower pump recognizing it out performed all the rest.

Tower Paddleboards Electric Pump

Tower Electric Pump
Tower Electric Pump



Electric pump for inflatable paddle boards that conveniently plugs into a 12-V cigarette lighter or a car battery. Most pumps on the market only have a car battery attachment. We have tested a number of electric pumps and finally found this one that is not only affordable, but has a major convenience factor with the option to attach to your car cigarette lighter instead of only the battery.

The handy “set it and forget it” PSI gauge allows you to hook the pump to your board, set the PSI, turn it on and just let it do its thing. The pump will automatically shut off when the board reaches the desired inflation level (we recommend 10-15 PSI for our inflatables). Tower inflatable boards have a max PSI of about 25. This electric pump can reach up to 20 PSI–so there is no way to over-inflate and damage your board with this pump!

Another major bonus is the inflate and deflate option. Inflation of our boards is about half the time with a hand pump: inflate the 9’10” Tower Adventurer and 14′ Tower Xplorer at about 1 PSI/minute. Deflate mode will allow you to quickly remove the air from your board so you can roll it up much more compact at the end of the day!


Sevylor 12 Volt 15 PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump

  • Power Details: 12V cigarette lighter (accessory) outlet
  • Functionality: High power inflation, auto-shutoff
  • Valves: H3, includes adapters for use with Double Lock, Mini Double Lock, Boston and pinch valves
  • PSI Range: Up to 15 PSI
  • Extras: Includes heavy-duty extension hose with high pressure valve, low-pressure extension hose

The Sevylor SUP and water sport electric pump offers great value at a reasonable price. Its powerful performance allows you to inflate a large SUP in less than 8 minutes. For your convenience, you can select among PSI, KPA or mbar on the integrated LCD pressure gauge to set a target pressure value and the electric pump will shut off automatically. It can inflate watercraft up to 15 PSI. The pump simply plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet of your car, but also features a slot for a 12V battery. The pump’s great price, high power and valve adapters make it a great electric pump for inflatable SUPs and kayaks.


NIXY Paddle Boards Electric Pump

  • Power Details: 12V cigarette lighter (accessory) outlet or clamps to battery
  • Functionality: High pressure inflation, auto-shutoff, deflation
  • Valves: H3 valve, compatible with all Tower Paddle boards and other models
  • PSI Range: up to 20 PSI
  • Extras: Pumping speed 1 PSI/min, pressure gauge, flexible air hose

The Nixy Paddle Boards electric pump is not just for their model iSUPs. The hose adapter is compatible with any inflatable SUP or Kayak with an H3 valve, which is all of them. It can also be used with all other watercraft that fit this nozzle. Universal adapters for other valves are available on the market but are not included. The NIXY Paddle board pump works reliably at a speed of roughly 1 PSI per minute and will fill a regular SUP board with air in 6 to 10 minutes.

Compared to other pumps, it might be slightly slower but is also less noisy. A safety setting allows you to “set it and forget it” – simply enter the target PSI value and the pump will shut off automatically.nOnce you turn it on it will sound similar to a vacuum cleaner but once it fills the SUP or Kayak to about 1 PSI the 2nd stage compressor kicks in and you will notice a complete difference in sound and that’s normal.

It can inflate watercraft up to 20 PSI, making it suitable for a kayaks or other large hull inflatables as well. A great feature on this pump is the deflate function, allowing you to do other things while it’s deflating.


The Sea Eagle BTP Mano electric pump is a well-engineered high performance model specifically designed for products with high air volume requirements such as SUPS and kayaks. Depending on the size and required PSI of your board, it can inflate your gear in around two minutes. The pump connects to a 12V battery with two alligator clips and a cable that is 8 1/2 feet long.nFor maximum speed and convenience, the pump has two stages, a high turbine blower first to quickly fill up your inflatable watercraft with air.

Stage two consists of a high pressure piston for filling up to the required PSI value.

The included safety feature allows you to set a target PSI value and the pump will automatically shut off. For maximum compatibility, the pump features a standard valve and comes with a wide range of adapters.Combined with the safety feature, this means you can inflate SUPs and kayaks, but also an air mattress or other water toys. A full 12V battery charge is enough to inflate a large watercraft several times over.

Help! I’m stuck in the three mile rut

Help! I’m stuck in the three mile rut

It’s tough to admit but I’m stuck in the three mile rut. After or during the 3 mile paddle I’m dying tired and ready to sit down and relax. I started tracking my heart rate after feeling it going a little too fast on a […]

Give mom a brand new paddleboard. The best Mothers Day SUP promos!

Give mom a brand new paddleboard. The best Mothers Day SUP promos!

This Mother’s Day, please don’t give mom anymore pajamas, perfume or flowers for Mother’s Day. Instead go bold with either clothers,  gear or give her a chance to try a brand new sport. SUP is ideal for all ages and active levels. Mom will have […]

Day 3 is paid for! The body is conditioning to paddle boarding

Day 3 is paid for! The body is conditioning to paddle boarding

Got home from work around 6:15pm, ate dinner as I was quite hungry, got my water pouch ready and out I went. I was debating if I should eat and try exercising ‘fasting’ for better results. It wasn’t this time yet. I had lunch right at noon and by 6pm I was starving. Green beans, some greens and a beef was what I had. Oh and neapolitan ice cream. I’m getting quite annoyed with my need to have sweets after eating. Probably not a good habit but I’m not breaking it now, unless I’m out of ice cream.

Hit the 14th street dock by 7:11pm heading north on the New River till I95. Going under Broward Boulevard and I-95 is peaceful and quite the opposite of the hectic come and go of these two roads. The river is quiet and the birds that live there do not seem fazed by the occasional firemen sirens, car honks and humming of the cars zooming right over their heads. The only one that seems to bother them is me. As I paddle by on my own, the birds watch me and I wonder if there are any other animals observing me at this same moment. Looking at the banks of the New River of Fort Lauderdale all I see is trees, rocks and mud. Not a sight of any other living species.  I”ll believe these are the only species there. Me, the birds, the fish and there’s gotta be crabs. Come on this  a mangrove. It’s a bit dirty but one can smell the salt in the air and that is a good sign.

The sun sets over Florida as I finish my Monday paddle.
The sun sets over Florida as I finish my Monday paddle.

My strokes are more constant now, I did the whole way without stopping. Sometimes going faster sometimes slower but still steady only stopping the strokes to change hands. The body seems to be adapting to the new routine. I don’t feel as tired, the heart is racing but I manage to breath through my nose to calm it down. My feet doesn’t feel that heavy anymore. That is probably the main sign of the body adapting to the new movements.

It’s easier now to bend forward. In my mind I think I’m doing it all right. My technique is proper, I bend forward, reach all the way out, over the board, rotate the body and pull the paddle back towards me. It seems flawless until it’s not. It’s still not perfect. I’m sure I will be fixing things soon. Not bending my back, but bending on my hips. Just caught myself doing that one.

The sun is setting and it’s hard to look forward as I head west. It’s shining its rays right on my face. A homeless guy is trying to fish. And another and another. This part of the river is a hit with the homeless people. They look at me and don’t say a word. I wonder what brought them to that situation. I try to not to think too much and keep paddling forward eventually turning around the bend of the river.

As I turn around and start paddling back, these kids start yelling at me from their yard: a shark, an alligator, this this and that. Which is it kids? A shark or an alligator?!

I keep going right past my starting point all the way to the swing bridge on Riverside Park. My neighbors are sitting on their waterfront yards talking and drinking. It’s only Monday, the sun is setting now, it’s darker and I’m out of the water with the sun.

Monday, April 22nd, 2019. Strava Stats. 2.67 miles.
Monday, April 22nd, 2019. Strava Stats. 2.67 miles.
Racing paddleboarding: my start and the first five sessions

Racing paddleboarding: my start and the first five sessions

I have bought a racing paddle board and you know about that from my last post here. By the way, it has been a while. I was supposed to write about it but ended up getting busy with work, life and other projects. Yes, I […]