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SUP Yoga

Evan SUP Yoga Address:33312 Business Genre: Schools and Clubs, SUP Yoga Short Business Description:SUP Yoga based in Fort Lauderdale. Long Business Description:SUP Yoga in Fort Lauderdale with Evan. OFFERING GROUP SUP YOGA / OFFICE SUP YOGA CLASS (TEAM BUILDING) / PRIVATE SUP YOGA / BACHELORETTE – BRIDAL […]

Best paddle boards for beginners

Best paddle boards for beginners

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner to get a good start at paddleboarding. It’s an exciting and easy sport, and after seeing people doing it or trying, now you want to have your own paddleboard. This article might be able to help you […]

ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Stand up Paddle Board review

ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Stand up Paddle Board review

The Isle cruiser is the most durable of all the standup paddleboards. Their previous design has been turned into a soft top with plenty of it on water. And guess what? It’s at an affordable price. Its unparalleled durability is down to the double string foam core which has a fibreglass wrap and EVA deck pad. Its shape and design give the board the strength and rigidity required for paddleboarding. The crocodile textured skin brings comfort and allows better grip and traction for long paddles. It has a sizeable front bungee section for easy securing and retrieval of gear. Also, the board has the lift Sup handle, which provides you with a firm grip which you can use to transport it safely.


Weight 23.5LBS
length 10’5’’
Centre width 32’’
volume 175 LITERS
Maximum capacity 235LBS
Board thickness 4.5’’
Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard
Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard

What we like about ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Stand up Paddle Board

This fantastic all-around board has a lot to offer to anyone using it. It has plenty of reasons why you should choose it.

Ease of use

The board’s design makes it easy to use. For example, its width makes it perfect for beginners.

The size

The length and width are perfect. You can do a lot with the board. For example, its length allows you to paddle even at your local lake, and when tired, you can lie on top of it without your feet touching the ground. Also, you can do yoga, fishing- all because it has a perfect size.

The surface stability

We all know that things can get wet and slippery. The truth is there are some paddle boards don’t have a textured grip, and hence they get very tricky. However, this one has a crocodile skin texture which provides you with a firm grip to prevent you from slipping off the board.

Accessibility of the cargo

The front bungee section is large enough to store and retrieve your gear easily. Therefore, you don’t have to make twists and turns to get some stuff anytime you want to. It’s especially crucial if you have some passengers on board and you want to keep them balanced.

What we don’t like

We already have seen what makes this paddleboard a perfect choice. However, there are some drawbacks which might make you reconsider choosing it.

Not suitable for larger paddlers

The board’s weight capacity is excellent for an average person. But for very tall and heavy people it might get complicated to use this board.

The weight

The board’s 30 pounds weight might feel very heavy for some people. If you have secured some cargo to your board, it means you will have to it too, which makes it extremely heavy. Even with its strategically placed handle, it is still can cause hand fatigue to some.

Best suited for

  • Beginners
  • Average riders
  • All-purpose

Not suited for

  • Someone who wants speed: This board is a bit slower compared to other boards of the same size and weight
  • Lots of waves: It might not stand up to more than calmer waters


Blackfin Model X Inflatable SUP review

Blackfin Model X Inflatable SUP review

Last year, the introduction of Blackfins mesmerized all of us.  I guess you were excited. The Blackfins looked suave, and they had features such as carbon rails which we had not seen before. How about the 2019’s? Have they improved the models in any different […]

Atoll 11 Foot Stand up Paddle Board review

Atoll 11 Foot Stand up Paddle Board review

The Atoll 11′ inflatable paddle board has lots of things that make it a popular choice; it’s the reason why we find it an enjoyment to review it. Because of its stability, we found it very easy to paddle. It has an envying shape and […]

iRocker All-Around Inflatable SUP review

iRocker All-Around Inflatable SUP review

iROCKER SUP is a young company, but they have made themselves popular because of its affordable prices and the shape and design of their SUPs. In this review, we are going to look at the model’s improved features and construction, which makes it easy to perform incredibly well in all conditions. The upgrade on the design and materials is like no other.

Last year’s inflatable board was a fantastic board and could perform well in other conditions but even though it’s not perfect for surfing you might be surprised how effective it would be if you take it somewhere.

It’s mainly made for big riders and those who want to ride with extra people. It’s an excellent option for those who want to ride with their family.


Length 11’
Width 32’’
Thickness 6’’
Weight capacity 435 lbs
Weight 27 lbs


Board design and materials

There are new colour schemes on the latest design’s carbon rails and the deck. There has been an upgrade on the materials, and extra handles have been included for better comfort and grip.

In our opinion, the new design is better. The board looks more sleek and modern. The remade boat looks like no other.

Gills have been added on the rails, and a crocodile skin texture has been incorporated in the deck. Also, the floor has new materials on top, new sets of colour which depends on the choice of your board.

The new iRocker 11’ comes in blue, crispy whites, elegant grey and blue colours. They have also done a thing with the paddle as it matches with the board you choose.

There are more features on the board. It now has new handles which can be removed at will. The handles are on the front of the deck where the bungee cord attaches to the D-rings. They are essential for your extra passengers. It’s where they hold onto when on the board. Its tapered nose has plenty of space where you can secure your gear. Also, there is a D-ring at the tail for your leash.

The board’s material has an extra layer of PVC. The iRockers All-Around boards previously had three, but the new one has a fourth layer. The extra layer has been vital in improving the board’s rigidity, durability and stability. Also, this has made the boat more valuable.

iRocker All Around 11' Inflatable


  • Increased stability
  • improved performance
  • Extreme durability
  • Affordable
  • Very versatile
  • Has a sporty look
  • Very rigid
  • Removable fins for easier packing and securing gear
  • Has a large front bungee section for securing your equipment
  • Comes in 4 colours to help in your choice
  • Has removable safety handles at the nose for the protection of children
  • Extra D-rings for attaching your kayak seat and shoulder strap and gear
  • Plenty and high-quality accessories included on the board
  • Full throttle pump for easy inflation of the board
  • Two-year warranty
  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Top-notch customer service


Perhaps there are some few shortcomings:

  • No handle at the nose
  • It’s a bit heavy on the sides
  • The neoprene cover is not removable


Electric pump for paddleboards and kayaks

Electric pump for paddleboards and kayaks

The whole reason for an inflatable board is convenience. Granted I have never inflated by board with the hand pump, but I an electric pump is faster! Electric pumps inflate quickly, and automatically shut off when it is filled to the PSI you have set […]

Help! I’m stuck in the three mile rut

Help! I’m stuck in the three mile rut

It’s tough to admit but I’m stuck in the three mile rut. After or during the 3 mile paddle I’m dying tired and ready to sit down and relax. I started tracking my heart rate after feeling it going a little too fast on a […]

Give mom a brand new paddleboard. The best Mothers Day SUP promos!

Give mom a brand new paddleboard. The best Mothers Day SUP promos!

This Mother’s Day, please don’t give mom anymore pajamas, perfume or flowers for Mother’s Day. Instead go bold with either clothers,  gear or give her a chance to try a brand new sport. SUP is ideal for all ages and active levels. Mom will have a blast either sweating or just sitting and floating down a river on a paddle board.

Below, we list a few of the best Stand Up PaddleBoard promos this year:

  • On Sunday, May 12th, Mothers Day from 6:30 to Sunset, Paddle On Williamsburg will be launching from the boat launch at the Chickahominy Riverfront Park in Williamsburg, VA and heading onto Gordons Creek to our beautiful and peaceful location for Paddle Yoga. The day will end with the beautiful sounds of singing bowls as everyone relaxes in savasana as the sun sets over the Chickahominy River.  Get in touch with Paddle on Williamsburg on their website at


  • SUPPUP in Fort Lauderdale has a promo to save 20% for any daytime tour for mom with promocode SUPPUPMOM2019. The offer is good for tours booked between May 6th and May 19th.


  • Tower Paddleboards is giving a 100 dollars discount on its Adventurer or Mermaid ISUP boards. Use MOMSDAY promo code at checkout in all capitals to get the discount.
Mothers Day paddleboard promos
Mothers Day paddleboard promos.
  • At Pacifica Paddlesports they are also wishing a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY honoring all mothers for all the time, hard work and love they give to their families! For Mother’s Day 2019, they’re offering 50% off rentals* to all mothers, when they come with their family for double kayak, single kayak, SUP or canoe for a rental up to 8 hours on May 12, 2019. Pacifica Paddlesports is based at Brentwood Bay in British Columbia.


  • In Winterhaven Florida, Winterhaven paddleboards invites Moms out for some fun on the Lake! Use code MOM2019 for 15% off at booking. It includes a lesson for beginners and tips as we travel around the lakes. Cost is $35 if you need equipment (board, paddle, pfd) or free if you have your own. Minimum age for event is 16. Board rentals are limited so you will need to purchase a ticket to guarantee a board for the event. Call 863-845-5307 to reach Paddleboard Winter Haven.


Day 3 is paid for! The body is conditioning to paddle boarding

Day 3 is paid for! The body is conditioning to paddle boarding

Got home from work around 6:15pm, ate dinner as I was quite hungry, got my water pouch ready and out I went. I was debating if I should eat and try exercising ‘fasting’ for better results. It wasn’t this time yet. I had lunch right […]